In the scenario of diversity and internationalization, we value the generation of commitment, the orientation to results, the adaptation to change, the team work and the flexibility to contribute to a solid relationship between the company and the employee.

We are a company that creates value. Infrastructure activities increasingly require the integration of complex teams, made up of technical professionals who work on large projects to offer solutions to challenges.

We are specialized in construction of civil, industrial, construction, rehabilitation and concessions. The most demanded professionals, the Engineers, being also necessary those related to the Economic and Financial Area and the Legal Area.


We need the command of English. We work with advanced levels (C-1) according to the Common European Framework of Reference and we value other languages such as French, German and even Arabic.


Additionally, during the selection process, skills such as strategic thinking, permeability to changes, management control, negotiation skills, communication, management, as well as business and ethical responsibility for business, among others, are necessary.


National and international geographic mobility and / or experience in other countries, are a rising value in both the recruitment and development of employees.

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