Committed to dialogue

Corporate diversity is a value that ADDS to our company. We understand diversity as the set of different talents that are necessary for the optimal functioning of our company, accepting, respecting and taking advantage of diverse perspectives through collaborative models, and that recognizes and defines the identity, uniqueness and dignity of all the people who make up our interest groups. Likewise, diversity acquires great social value when it supports the empowerment and inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.


Equal opportunities




FCC, in general, and the Construction area, in particular, have been developing for years an intense effort to promote ethical principles and values, as well as the implementation of programs, internal procedures and positive measures, with a tendency to create an atmosphere of work that promotes respect between people, equal opportunities for women and men and the integration of diversity.

We have been working to create awareness of the individual rights of people. In particular, personal dignity is protected within the company, establishing healthy behavior guidelines and eradicating conduct that may be considered illegitimate intrusion into personal privacy or that violates people's dignity.




The values ​​that inspire this initiative are:

  1. Commitment to equality
  2. Same opportunities
  3. Balance
  4. Culture based on equality

Below you can find a brief description of each of these values.