Our policy, our commitment

It is a premise of the construction area of the FCC Group to carry out its activities with the highest level of safety, and a permanent commitment to Safety and Health at work, expressed in the Policy and, as well as important aspects, included in the same:

1 Compliance with the current Legal Regulations in this matter, as well as with the Internal Regulations established in the Safety and Health Prevention Management System.

2 Encourage the real integration of Health and Safety in all company activities and at all hierarchical levels, implementing actions aimed at maintaining safe working conditions.

3 Promote healthy work environments and healthy habits of workers, both in the workplace and outside work, and this being one of the main values of the Organization: the health care of people.

4 Involve all interested parties (our own employees, customers and subcontractors, employees) in preventive management, making them participants in our preventive culture.