Commitment to social dialogue

We offer the same employment and promotion opportunities

Our policy establishes the integration of equality and diversity as central pieces in the set of activities that we develop.

In November 2008, the Equality Plan was launched, the first in the sector. Its main objective is the application of measures that allow an organizational environment that respects diversity and eradicates discrimination in any workplace. For this we defend the development and fulfillment of those positive actions that allow to establish and promote equal opportunities.

Two of the main headend companies in the construction area have received the "Equality in the Company Distinction". The DIE is a mark of excellence granted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, which recognizes companies that stand out in the development of equality policies between women and men.

From the company, we also promote actions and programs to promote equality, diversity and labor integration in a proactive way to contribute to the welfare of the people that form part of FCC Construccion. With our involvement we also strengthen our links with the communities to which we provide services.

In the construction area we have a training plan that includes programs on Equality and Diversity, both for the staff in general, and for those people who, due to specific needs, must implement the policies in the organization, such as the personnel that make up the Equality commission.

In the management of Equality and Diversity, the company also works for the inclusion of people with disabilities and people at risk of exclusion, betting on unlimited talent and promoting recruitment.