Recovery of Madrid's mobility after the Filomena storm

Recovery of Madrid's mobility after the Filomena storm

Needs identified:

After the storm filomena that left the community of Madrid buried under a layer of snow of approximately 60 centimeters, the city was paralyzed and collapsed.

Solutions adopted:

Real Madrid, together with FCC Construcción, provided machinery from the Santiago Bernabéu Remodeling project to attend to the different neighborhoods and districts of the city after the Filomena storm, thus placing all the material and human resources at the service of the citizens. 

In addition, through Áridos de Melo, all the aggregate stockpiled in its plants was made available to FCC Medio Ambiente to make pedestrian accesses where it was difficult to remove the ice slabs. In addition, more than 150 workers contributed to improving the walkability and accessibility of the different neighborhoods and streets of the capital.


A rapid recovery of mobility and normality in the city of Madrid was achieved, thanks to the collaboration in the clean-up and recovery tasks.