The Valdeza

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

FCC manages, in a 20-year concession scheme, the Quarry La Valdeza, located in the area named Valdeza and Community 19 de Abril in Panama. In addition to fulfilling its main task, which is the obtaining of raw materials for the execution of works and projects, the Quarry La Valdeza and FCC are doing important work in the communities involved. It is a hardworking and enterprising population in which men and women struggle to build healthy and prosperous homes for their families.


Solutions adopted:

The branch of FCC Construcción in Latin America and these communities have built a mutually beneficial network which, daily, adds pinches of will, understanding and cooperation. Besides the usual actions performed in such facilities as reforestation, dust control, truck traffic or noise control, other initiatives are being developed ‘in accordance’ with FCC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

With the aim to improve the economic development in the area, a basic criterion in the recruitment of staff for the quarry is that most of the workers belong to the Community. Another example of the important economic impact of the Quarry La Valdeza on its surroundings, is the entrepreneurial fostering, i.e. a dressmaking workshop for 12 women of the community.

FCC also thinks that sport is crucial in the young people and children’s education, because they are the future of society. Thus, it has built sports facilities including a playground and basketball and football courts, which will enable young people to play sports and have healthy fun. Moreover, the first football league La Valdeza has been already organised and there were 12 teams involved.




A healthy company - as FCC is - is even healthier if it reinforces this commitment to the stakeholders, so that in La Valdeza a Health Day was organised and several services were provided; among others, General Health Services, blood pressure testing and vaccination.

Since it started its operation in this area, the branch of FCC Construcción in America has been often praised for its work for the benefit of the community. The indirect economic impacts that FCC Construcción America generates in the community are also very appreciated.

Those gestures of gratitude reinforce the work done and they demonstrate that our activity can generate economic and social benefits beyond the company itself, improving the lives of communities and local economies we interact with.