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FCC Construcción wins more than 670 million euros in infrastructure contracts in Spain


FCC Construcción wins more than 670 million euros in infrastructure contracts in Spain

FCC Construcción wins more than 670 million euros in infrastructure contracts in Spain

FCC Construcción has obtained a portfolio of more than 670 million euros in infrastructure contracts in Spain during the month of July. The construction company of the FCC Group has won various urbanization, transport and mobility contracts, renewable energy infrastructures, sanitary infrastructures and hydraulic projects.

Recently, it has obtained the urbanization contract for the third phase of the urban development of "Los Berrocales", which includes a large area of land that covers more than 100 hectares, allowing the construction of more than 5,500 homes, of which 2,579 will have some kind of protection.

The award of this development allows FCC Construcción to continue participating in one of the largest urban developments in the southeast of the city. FCC Construcción has executed the urbanization of phases 1 and 2 of the project. The Berrocales project is one of the most important urban developments in the city of Madrid, which will incorporate more than 10,000 homes on the market, marking a milestone in the development of the city.

For its part, FCC Industrial has obtained the contract for the construction of 263 MW of solar installations in Spain for Total Energy. The photovoltaic plants will be installed in the town of Guillena (Seville), occupying an approximate area of 400 hectares. The award will allow the construction, specifically, of 5 plants - Postigo, Buttress, Pilastra, La Noria and La Carrascosa - which will have a total of nearly 400,000 bifacial 665Wp photovoltaic modules. Once in operation, they will generate enough electricity to cover the estimated annual consumption of more than 150,000 homes, avoiding the emission of some 140,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In the field of sanitary infrastructures, FCC Construcción has won the contract for the execution of the new Aranda Hospital in Burgos. The new hospital will multiply the area of the current facility by four, and will have double-height buildings and five landscaped areas. FCC Construcción is a specialized company and leader in sanitary infrastructures. It currently runs hospitals such as: Salamanca, Puertollano, Soria, Cabueñes in Gijón, Marina Baixa (Alicante), among others.

In railway infrastructure, Convensa has obtained several contracts, among which are: the contract for execution of the works to adapt the Roda de Berà tunnel (Tarragona) to the international gauge, considered key to boosting freight traffic by rail and increasing operational flexibility in this strategic axis of the Mediterranean Corridor.

In addition, it has obtained one of the maintenance lots for the platform and track of the Madrid-Barcelona French border AV line, which also includes within its scope the maintenance and upkeep of the Zaragoza-Huesca branch. It has also obtained the maintenance contract for the High Speed line between Antequera and Granada (Andalusia). Finally, Convensa won the line improvement contract in the stretch of High Speed Madrid-Seville, consisting of the replacement of sleepers and stripping of guards on the High Speed line between Madrid-Seville, specifically in the section that includes the towns of Córdoba and Seville.

Among the railway infrastructures won, the FCC Industrial contract relating to the modernization of the Ciudad Real-Mérida railway line stands out.

In road transport infrastructure, FCC Construcción has won two new contracts: the construction of the Baix Llobregat highway (Catalonia), consisting of the completion of the works for the extension of the Baix Llobregat highway in the Ronda Litoral section of the Highway of the C-32, formerly known as A-16, in the province of Barcelona; and the construction of the highway that will link Burgos and Santander.

Finally, in terms of hydraulic infrastructures, FCC Construcción has won the contract for the construction of the San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife) sanitation network. The objective of the project is to complete the sanitation network in San Miguel de Abona and take the wastewater to the treatment plant called Montaña Reverón. Thanks to this infrastructure, the provisions of Directive 91/271/CEE will be complied with, allowing the treatment of sewage prior to its discharge into the sea.

With the achievement of these recent infrastructure contracts, FCC Construcción demonstrates its leadership in the design and construction of all types of infrastructure in Spain, which will improve the quality of life of citizens.

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