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FCC Construcción publishes the Greenhouse Gas emissions report for the 2021 financial year


FCC Construcción publishes the Greenhouse Gas emissions report for the 2021 financial year

FCC Construcción has published the greenhouse gas report for the 2021 financial year. This report quantifies the company's emissions and verifies for the second time, and in a pioneering way in the sector, all of these emissions throughout the year. of its operation in all its activity and in all the countries in which the company has activity.

FCC Construcción established among its 2017-2020 Management Objectives that of expanding the verification of the GHG emissions inventory to the international arena, so that in 2020 it would have 100% of the activity verified, under the ISO 14064-1 Standard. Compliance with this objective in 2020 and its consolidation and continuity in 2021 means that the GHG emissions produced in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, the United States, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Australia in this exercise.

This year, the company has substantially expanded scope 3, expanding the calculations of subcontracted works units, as well as using factors that cover the complete upstream life cycle of the materials for the calculation. Despite this, the continued effort has borne fruit, reducing total emissions by 4% compared to 2020.

The absolute expansion of verification has meant carrying out actions such as disseminating the organization's emissions quantification methodology among its own personnel, to make them aware of the importance of the annual GHG emissions report and the company's climate change strategy; the compilation of specific emission factors for all the different countries and the different GHG sources of the inventory or the establishment and systematization of internal controls to ensure the quality of inventory activity data.

This achievement represents the culmination of a path begun in 2010, when FCC Construcción began to integrate the concept of climate change, becoming the first Spanish company in the sector to submit its emissions to external verification by AENOR.

You can see the Greenhouse Gases report by clicking here.

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