SAMCEW©, an internal sustainability assessment method for our civil engineering works projects

Although several sustainability assessment methods for the construction sector are already available in the market, these methodologies are widely used and recognized recognised by building developers, but no. However, a rating system for assessing the sustainability of civil engineering works projects has gained yet be widespread widely adoptionadopted.

Sustainability: Environmental, Social, Economic

With this gap in mind, FCC Construcción has developed SAMCEW© (Sustainability Assessment Method for Civil Engineering Works), an internal method to assess the sustainability of our civil engineering works and their area of impact. Having identified this lack and takingThis method builds on the advantage of the extensive work already undertaken with by international civil engineers in the ISO and CEN working groups related to “Sustainability in civil engineering works” where. FCC Construcción holds the is the current chair of this group, of theand also has siginificant experience with the application of the Sustainability Management System, and other internationally recognised methodologies, at our worksites and of other internationally recognized methodologies, . FCC Construcción has developed SAMCEW© (Sustainability Assessment Method for Civil Engineering Works), an internal method aiming at assessing the sustainability of our civil engineering works and its area of influence.

SAMCEW© is a self-assessment rating system that serves as an internal management programme to plan the construction work, identify needed improvements and share advances in sustainable practices.

The method covers the environmental, social and economic dimensions of the sustainable development model for the different life cycle stages of a civil engineering works.

We have designed a flexible and customizable customisable assessment methodology that can be applied to different civil engineering works typologies, with different circumstances and located in various locations.across various locations.

SAMCEW© is organised into the following 15 categories:

Project Management, Participation and acceptability, Ecosystems and biodiversity, Land Planning, Cultural heritage elements, Use of natural resources, Life cycle cost, Welfare, Waste, External cost, Effects on society, Emissions to the environment, Effects on local economy, Risk and resilience, Noise and vibrations










These categories consider concern significant topics, which define concepts that the user of the methodology has to assess by answering some associated questions. Depending on the answer, the project scores score varies in the different each categoriescategory.

We strongly believe that optimizing optimising the sustainability of infrastructure projects is possible. The key to successful implementation of assessment methodologies such as SAMCEW© is an understanding of the current situation., always taking as a basis the knowledge of our current situation, a step where assessment methodologies such as SAMCEW© are key to a successful implementation.

This new system has been based on the work carried out by international civil engineers of the "Sustainability in civil works" working groups of ISO and CEN, of which FCC Construcción holds the chair, in the experience of the application of the Management System and Sustainability in our works and in evaluation methods for the sustainability of existing and internationally recognized infrastructures.


Sustainability assessment methodology in civil works (Opens PDF file in new tab)

SAMCEW©  (Sustainability Assessment Method for Civil Engineering Works)