A sustainable corporate culture

FCC Construcción is a company which creates value through its activities, takes care of the people around, the environment and the community where it is operating and understands that sustainability forms part of the company strategy.

The Sustainability Committee is composed of members representing the highest levels of the company. The observation of human rights and labour rights, respect for the environment and the company ethic form part of the corporate principles and of the people linked to the company.

1,655 million euros in turnover
63,2% of turnover from foreign markets
The portafolio stands at 4,516.4 millions euros


creation of value
More than 2.1 million euros allocated to R+D+i projects
Along 2018 we have certified new  R+D+i projects

92,9% of operations certified according to ISO 14001. In Spain, the figure is 99.4%
More than 3 million m3 of soil and clean rubble have been reused on site
More than 8,850 t CO2avoided thanks to the implementation of good construction practices
First Spanish construction company to verify our measurement protocol for GHGs

the professionals
9,310  employees
11% of the staff are women 
More than 70,650 hours of training
More than 16,750 hours of training in quality, environment and occupational health and safety

the clients
96% of clients rate FCC Construcción’s performance as good or very good
Increase in overall customer satisfaction rating to 3.51% (out of 4)

the community
We carry out social projets with multiple benefits for surrounding communities
We maintain relationships with over 11,700 suppliers
200,000 visitors to the website during the year