An interactive conversation

FCC Construcción has always been committed to informative transparency in order to facilitate an open dialogue with the groups that it works with. In this way, year after year the company has worked to respond to the expectations of all the stakeholders.

Bilateral communication channels have been established so that we are in permanent contact with our stakeholders in order to find out about their information needs and expectations.

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Participation in external venues

FCC Construcción is represented on a multitude of external sustainability forums, some of which are mentioned below:

National Forums

The Technical Subcommitte on Standardization AEN/CTN 198 "Sustainability in Construction" / SC2 "Civil Works", of which it holds the presidency as well as the vice-presidency of the committee

The Spanish National Committee of Large Dams, SPANCOLD in which, in addition to participating in the Environment Comission, it is chaired by the committe of engineering activities associated with the planning process for water resources projects.

The Advisory Council for the Certification of Construction Companies.

Members of the Advisory Board of BREEAM Spain.

Members of the Green Building Council Spain (GBCe), organization that constitutes the Spanish Council of the International Association "World Green Building Council".

Committee of Quality and Environment and of Innovation of SEOPAN.

International Forums

FCC Construcción chairs the working group ISO / TC 59 / SC 17 WG 5 "Building construction / Sustainability in building and civil engineering works" "Sustainability in Civil engineering Works"

FCC Construcción presides over the working group CEN / TC 350 / WG 6 "Sustainability of Construction Works / Civil Engineering Works"

Participates in the International Committee ISO / TC 207 "Environmental management" and with it, in SC4 / WG4 "Environmental performance evaluation / environmental quantitative information" and in SC1 "Environmental management systems"

It is also part of the International Committee ISO / TC 59 / SC 17 "Building construction / Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works", and within it, in the working groups WG1: "General Principles and Terminology, WG2: Sustainability Indicators for Buildings", WG3: Environmental Declarations of Buildings Products and WG4: Framework for Assessment of Environmental Performance of Buildings and Constructed Assets; as well as the European Technical Committee CEN / TC 350 "Sustainability of Construction Works", in which it participates in the Taskgroup working groups: "Framework" WG 1: "Environmental performance of buildings", WG 2: "Building life cycle description", WG 3:"Product level",. WG4: "Economic performance assessment of buildings" and WG5: "Social performance assessment of buildings"

Represents Spain in the International Committee "Committee of Engineering Activities in the Planning Process for Water Resources Projects" of the International Commission of Large Dams (ICOLD)

Participates in ENCORD's "Environment and Sustainability" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" working groups (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development)

Participates in the "European Construction Technology Platform" (ECTP)

Members of the "International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment" (iiSBE)

Commitment to dialogue

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Number of external communications received 152 212 362 439
Number of claims per worksite 2.9 1.5 1.5 2.9