Alliances, through collaborative relationships

FCC Construcción is the first company to be certified in Spain in accordance with the ISO 44001 standard on Collaborative Labor Relations Management Systems.

This achievement supposes establishing the bases to strengthen the alliances that lead to achieving the company's objectives and creating more robust relationships, based on the World Alliance for Sustainable Development, as indicated in the United Nations SDG 17.


We are the first Spanish company to join the United Nations Sustainable Finance Group

With around 30 industries represented in the Coalition, we have divided companies into six macro-sector. This structure is enforced by a group of Advisors, or Community of Experts, representing non-corporates actors in the financial value chain, to ensure that we don't work in a silo with our corporates. The role of the Community of Experts is enhanced by our partnership with PRI (focused on investors), UNEP FI (focused on banks) and the GISD (focused mainly on investors, but with banks and corporates participating as well). 

  • Our response rate for 2022 was 80% In aggregate all SDG-aligned Investments made by companies in the Coalition USD 110B have been directed toward SDG-aligned Investments since 2020.
  • The Construction, Materials, and Real Estate macro-sector where FCC belongs to has reported 67 targets in total, out of which 8 (12%) have been used in SLBs/SLLs, while 42% have been benchmarked. The most addressed SDGs are reported to be: SDG 11, 13, 9, 8, 12