Message from the CEO of FCC Group: a new era



Welcome to the FCC Construcción website, the infrastructure area of the FCC Group, a world leader in environmental, water management and infrastructure services.

For 120 years we have been building cities for living, working as experts in civil engineering, building, rehabilitation, industrial construction and concessions to offer the public life-improving infrastructure – roads, railway lines, airports, water and maritime works, tunnels and bridges as well as projects for residential and non-residential buildings such as hospitals, sports stadiums, museums and offices.

My appointment occurs at a time of renovation while our identity remains thanks to the thousands of professionals who form part of the company. This great team is our main strength and creates enormous technical and human capacity development value in our projects.

We are starting an era in which we wish to recover a leading position in world infrastructure, nationally and internationally, with a view to the future. We want to increasingly offer the best solutions to clients because in FCC Construcción, our ambition is to continue to build a better world for everyone.

We are a sustainable company that has a clear and firm commitment to dialogue and transparency with  our stakeholders. To achieve this we are in a full digital transformation process, improving and renovating our channels to provide visitors to our website with the latest company news.

With best wishes,

Pablo Colio Abril
CEO of FCC Group