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Recognition of our work in 2012

  • Fundación Entorno Awards “Design and implementation of a protocol for quantifying greenhouse effect gas emissions in construction” is the FCC Construcción project that took second place in the category of “Management for sustainable development”.

FCC Construccion: premio 2012 fundacion entorno

  • Award for the M-50 Dublin. The Irish Concrete Society has recognised FCC for the S17-N3 structure of the M50 road in Dublin in the Civil Engineering category.

FCC Construccion: premio 2012 M50 Dublin

  • José Azas Puerto de Laredo Award: Award given by the Cantabria chapter of the College of Civil Engineers. The panel of judges deemed this to be the most brilliant piece of civil engineering work since 2009.

FCC Construccion: premio 2012 puerto Laredo

  • Award for the Best Urban Integration Project given to Line 1 of the Zaragoza Streetcar by the International Public Transport Association.

FCC Construccion: premio 2012 tranvia Zaragoza

  • SOLID Awards: The Beska bridge over the Danube and the new multi-purpose hall in Salzburg, built by ALPINE, were the recipients of the awards given by the construction publication, SOLID, in the international and innovation categories, respectively.

FCC Construccion: premio 2012 puente Beska