Underground solutions to fit each project

High-speed and metropolitan rail routes, large urban and interurban roads and the optimization of the layout of these infrastructures require the frequent adoption of the tunnel solution. In the same way, water supply systems, mining, and energy require underground solutions, which are now possible thanks to the use of powerful tunneling machines, capable of excavating the tunnel in full section, which coexist with traditional execution procedures .

The construction area of the FCC Group has executed more than 700 kilometers of tunnels. Has built tunnels of different types, road, rail, metropolitan, water supply. Many of them have been a challenge for engineering due to the technical difficulties and the conditionings of the terrain.

Owns owned machinery that allows you to undertake works of any magnitude, such as the tunnel boring machine.


Some references

Link to Ciudad Fcc, Tunel de Guadarrama (Opens in new tab)   Link to Ciudad Fcc, Tunel de Atocha - Chamartín (Opens in new tab)   Link to Ciudad Fcc, Tunel pajares (Opens in new tab)

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