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The construction area of the FCC Group has executed more than 2,600 kilometers of railway, both infrastructure and superstructure, in any of the modalities of this means of transport, from the high-speed railway to the metro or the new trams, including the maintenance and renovation of existing lines and the construction of new stations as terminals in large cities.

The construction area of the FCC Group has executed more than 900 kilometers of high speed, more than 326 kilometers of metro and 65 km of tram. It has an experience of 11,000 kilometers of railway track maintenance.

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Prolongation L10 Metro de Madrid a Metrosur
Metrosur (TR II and III in Móstoles, Madrid)
L8 of Metro Barajas-T4
L3 Metro Legazpi-Villaverde
Puerta del Sol Train Station
L2 Metro of Madrid (Las Rosas)
L9, Section 4, Bon Pastor to Can Zam and university area to Sagrera
L5 TR Horta-Vall d'Hebron
L2 section Clot- La Pau

Portugal: Metropolitan Lisbon. Tr.Alameda- Expo
Canada: Toronto Metro
Greece: Athens Metro
India: New Delhi Subway
Singapore: Metro Line
Panama: L1 and L2 of metro in Panama City
Peru: Lima Metro
Saudi Arabia: L4, 5, 6 Metro Riyadh
Qatar: Doha Metr


Tram of Parla
Tram of Murcia
Section 2 Tram of Alicante-Altea
L1 Tranvía de Zaragoza


Madrid-Seville, Tr.Ciudad Real-Brazatortas
Madrid-Barcelona-French Border: subtr. IX and X of the Tr.Gajanejos-Calatayud
Madrid-Valladolid: rail access North-West Spain Tr.Orense-Lalín, subtr. Amoeiro-Carballiño
Assembly via Madrid-Miraflores de la Sierra
Madrid- Levante: Tr.Siete Aguas-Buñol, Villena-Sax, and Alquerías-Cartagena
Tr.Alta Atlantic Axis Speed between Vigo and das Maceiras
Connection between Atocha and Chamartín stations, Madrid
STATIONS: Atocha (Madrid); Santa Justa (Seville); Delicias (Zaragoza); La Sagrera (Barcelona)


Switzerland: Rail infrastructure of the San Gotthard tunnel


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