Ports that improve transport

In recent years a new port culture has been born. Factors such as the globalization of the economy, which has led to an increase in merchandise flows; the greater demand for quality of services, to achieve shorter delivery times and lower costs; or the intermodality requirements to expand transport alternatives, have conditioned this new conception of ports and have forced them to adapt to meet the new demands of the market.

The construction area of the FCC Group has numerous maritime and fluvial works of great technical complexity in its portfolio throughout the world. For this, it has machinery in its possession and a Technical Services team capable of innovating in each of its accomplishments and following up on all its works throughout the world. He has executed more than 44 kilometers of dykes, more than 32 kilometers of docks, more than 873 boxes built in port extensions.

The activities that are developed are:

  • Engineering and complete design: adapted to the needs of exploitation
  • Comprehensive execution of the infrastructure
  • Contracts EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)
  • Concessions of sport marinas and commercial ports (containers, bulks, multipurpose terminals)

Industrial maritime installations for oil & gas (oil and its derivatives, liquefied natural gas -GNL- ...)


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