Bringing water to everyone

Today's society demands ever greater water flows and higher quality. This is the reason for the permanent investment effort made by the Public Administrations in the construction of large dams, canals, transfers, river defense works, drinking water treatment stations, wastewater treatment stations and water desalination stations.

The construction area of the FCC Group has had a constant presence in the creation of these infrastructures, has executed more than 48 dams and has carried out actions in more than 11 existing dams. In addition, it has built more than 98 water treatment plants of various types (74 WWTP, 10 WWTP, 14 WWTP), having carried out 39 actions in existing water treatment plants. All of them thanks to the high level of the engineers, the construction management and the firm commitment of the construction area of the FCC Group for the investment in technology and innovation.

In addition, it has executed more than 10,500 kilometers of water pipeline (2,500 kilometers of supply, 5,700 kilometers for irrigation and 2,000 kilometers of sanitation, 300 kilometers for other pipelines), thus being able to structure a water distribution network within everyone's reach.

Some references

Link to Ciudad FCC, Access to the Pacific channel in the Panama Canal (Opens in new tab)          Link to Ciudad FCC, El Realito Aqueduct, Mexico (Opens in new tab)        Link to Ciudad FCC, Bajo Frio Dam, Panama (Opens in new tab)

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