Building all kinds of bridges

The improvements experienced in the materials and construction procedures of the large structures have facilitated the great development of road construction, making possible the construction of bridges that respond to the limitations imposed by the design parameters of motorways and highways, and that minimize the impact of the layout.

The construction area of the FCC Group has executed more than 1,650 bridges and viaducts, of all types: fixed and tilting bridges, steel, concrete and mixed bridges; bridges of straight section of medium lights or of great lights, in arc, cable-stayed and hanging; made "in situ" on static formwork, self-cantilever formwork, pushed, by successive cantilevers or using large sea cranes.

The activities performed in this area are:

  • Project design
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Concession

Some examples:

Link to FCC Puente de Vidin-Calafat city (Opens in a new tab)   Link to Ciudad FCC, Puente del Alamillo (Opens in a new tab)   Enlace a Ciudad FCC, Pasarela de Lusail (Se abre en una nueva pestaña)

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