Reclamation of excavation materials in Iquique (Chile)

Reclamation of excavation materials in Iquique (Chile)

Detected needs:

With a view to improving road connectivity between Iquique and Alto Hospicio, a second acces way was built to connect the cities via a dual carriageway motorway.

There was a limited working space in the third section, affecting the safety of the workers when building walls, baths, cleaning and moving machinery.

There where also negative environmental impacts on a slope because of spill of material from the excavation, like wise entailing a risk for the safety of the workers.

Adopted solutions:

Faced with this problem, a service road was created with the excavation material, which would have otherwise been transported to a landfill, thus creating more space for moving at the worksite.


In addition to solving the safety issues in the zone, the adopted solution increased mobility for machinery and enabled the installation of baths at the site.

There was therefore less excavation material intended for the landfill and the negative environmental impact on the hillside was also reduced.

This case illustrates how solutions based on the circular economy can often prove to be simple and yield more advantages over traditional solutions from several points of view.