Improvement of the Quality of Life in Rural Guatemala. Refurbishment and Improvement of Route N12

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

The economic and social development and the qualify of life of many families were hurt by Tropical Storm Stan in 2005.

Solutions adopted:

The Guatemalan government implemented a plan to improve the quality of life in rural Guatemala, which included the N12 project completed by FCC Construcción.

The job called for the refurbishment and improvement of 67 kilometres of National Route 12 in Guatemala, along which there are several medium-sized population centres, such as Tejutla, San Sebastián, Ixchiguán, Tacaná and Tectitán. In addition, more than 100 cities and towns are located in the project’s area of influence. The project provides an overland connection with southeast Mexico.


The completed work will benefit over 350,000 inhabitants by considerably improving their social and economic development and the quality of life of many rural families.

The project required an investment of over 7.7 million euro, financed with funds from the World Bank and the national budget. Environmental recovery work was done, which included the sowing of over 6,000 trees native to the zone.

This is the first road ever built by a Spanish company in Guatemala. During its construction over 350 jobs were created.