Lima Metro

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

Given the characteristics of the hazardous waste involved, including its explosiveness, corrosiveness, flammability, irritability, harmfulness or toxicity, it may pose a risk to the health of humans and/or ecosystems. Therefore, this type of waste must be managed correctly, and subject to stricter conditions, than other types of waste: it must be carefully separated and classified, it requires specific storage conditions and systems, its collection must be performed and determined by an authorised agent, etc. as established in the applicable environmental legislation.

For large scale projects, as is the case of the construction of Line 2 of the new Lima Metro, the management of waste can be hampered both by the large volumes generated and the number of staff on site and subcontractors. This means that an unspecified number of people is responsible for the identification, classification and management of waste, who have not always received specific training on this topic.

Solutions adopted:

With a view to facilitating the identification and correct separation, in real time, of waste generated at the Lima Metro works, individuals staff are being provided with cards with colour codes to help with the separation and classification of non-hazardous waste. Furthermore, they are being provided with information about the identification and management of hazardous waste.

These cards can be inserted in the personal ID pouch they must carry with them to access and remain on site. Therefore, if necessary, the operator can refer to the colour codes and information on the card at any time to confirm that they are segregating the waste correctly. Furthermore, to enhance and improve this approach, training and awareness raising initiatives are being held on how to correctly manage hazardous solid wastes on site.


Following the implementation of this measure, it has been found that the segregation of waste by categories is more efficient, as all staff, including new recruits, are provided with this card to improve the way in which they handle waste.

The correct management of waste is helping to improve important aspects such as ensuring the health and safety of individuals and care for the environment.

The idea of simply having this information at hand to correctly recycle material is a testament to the company’s commitment to extending awareness of environmental safety to all staff at the company in addition to our partners and customers.