Sostenibilidad-casosPracticos-Recuperación de la fauna en la obra túnel del Toyo, Colombia

Wildlife recovery in the work of Túnel del Toyo, Colombia.

Description of the Environmental Measure.

Needs identified:

It was identified that, due to the removal of vegetation cover, the rehabilitation of the Alto Morrón-Pinguro-Las Habas road and the dismantling and removal of the infrastructure provided during the Túnel del Toyo project and its access roads, there could be a displacement or even loss of biodiversity in the area.

Solutions adopted:

It was decided to drive away, rescue, move and relocate the terrestrial fauna, specifically in the forest areas, and at the same time plant species of vegetation in the area of action. 

In order to avoid the loss of birds and mammals in the construction process of the project, they were chased away from the area where logging and spraying were carried out. At the same time, species of amphibians, reptiles and small mammals, which had a low capacity for movement, were sought out and moved to a safe area.


It was possible to relocate the terrestrial vertebrate fauna, reptiles and amphibians present in the area, thus achieving the conservation of the fauna and the recovery of biodiversity.