Laredo Marina

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

The on-site concrete plant was scheduled to produce a total of 200,000 m3 of concrete; this also involved producing wastewater effluents from flushing out the vats and rinsing plant components.

Solutions adopted:

A decanting pool was built next to the plant to control the water-dumping process. The pool has three tanks, for decanting solids in suspension, separating grease and oil and correcting the pH. An emergency floodway was also built, connected to a nearby collector.

Since the volume of water produced by the site was greater than the concrete plant could use (40%), the surplus was used for rinsing out vats (30%) and sprinkling down site roads (30%).


With the concrete residue being treated in the decanting pool, the absolutely all the water used in the cleaning process was re-used.