Protection of the social and environmental surroundings in the Ribeiradio and Ermida dams

Description of social and environmental performance

Problem detected:

The works are located in a natural area, classified as RAN, spanning 409,000 m2 and in a natural area, classified as REN, of 3,256,400 m2. Its execution affects a surface area of 661,000 m2 of Public Water Supply and 20,000 m in length of water lines.

Both the Ribeiradio Dam and Ermida Dam as well as access to them are works of great impact in the community; therefore, a series of measures were implemented in their execution in order to minimise and regularly monitor the impact.



Solutions Adopted:

Some of the measures implemented throughout the project are:

  • Monitoring Program the ecological quality of water, periodically conducting physicochemical, hydromorphological and biological characterisations.
  • Terrestrial wild animals monitoring program (mammals, reptiles and amphibians) and ichthyofauna (flat water, freshwater species, migratory anadromous, European eel, ecological flow adequacy, etc.)
  • Socioeconomic monitoring program, conducting a monitoring of expropriations, air quality and noise impact.
  • Study and graphic recording of the elements of the archaeological heritage.
  • Wastewater treatment system.
  • Transplantation of plant species.
  • Proper management of hazardous waste.
  • Reuse of 38% of excavated soil and 87% of the topsoil.



The results were ideal