Helios Patrimonial photovoltaic plants and Guzmán thermosolar plant

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

FCC Industrial is responsible for the operations and maintenance of two Helios Patrimonial solar photovoltaic plants in Espejo and the Guzmán Thermosolar Plant in Palma del Río, all of which are located in the province of Córdoba. These renewable energy generation plants are located in rural areas, where there is a significant growth of herbaceous vegetation in the spring months. When summer arrives, this grass dries up and, as a consequence, the risk of fire increases in the plant installations  and in the adjacent land.

Solutions adopted:

In order to carry out preventive maintenance, which is sustainable and respectful of the environment, controlling of herbaceous vegetation was carried out with livestock in the area. For this purpose, shepherds from nearby populations were contacted, who showed interest in gradually introducing herds of sheep and cattle. This livestock management made it possible to reduce the volume of plant biomass in plant facilities, taking advantage of differences in the diets of sheep and cows. In this way, the maintenance work of the facilities was integrated with the rural activity of the local population, obtaining a mutual benefit.


The results of this initiative were positive. Firstly, the risk of fires in and around the site was reduced. It also significantly improved the relationship of the companies involved in plant management with the local population by integrating the management of the activity of both sectors to their mutual benefit.