Playa Blanca pier

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

Noise is harmful to local residents and wildlife. It is commonplace as part of construction projects to perform the noisiest activities at specific times or seasons to reduce the impact on residents (school hours, medical services, at night, etc.) or wildlife (mating and reproductive seasons, etc.).

The project to expand Playa Blanca pier in Yaiza (Lanzarote) was completed in an urban area that is home to commercial, port and residential activities. With a view to reducing the impact of works, a metrological control was performed on noise levels, using calibrated equipment that was positioned close to population hubs and the worksite, in addition to areas close to the quarries supplying material to the worksite.

The results demonstrated that at some times of the year, noise levels exceeded the limits set out in the legislation (65 dB during the day and 55 dB at night). The most affected areas were the road taken by lorries to reach the port and around the former sailing school.

Solutions adopted:

In order to prevent the generation of noise beyond the legal limits and, as applicable, act immediately to reduce these levels, a range of different initiatives were performed.

First, the noise levels generated close to the worksite were measured on a regular basis. Second, a barrier was set up along the perimeter of the worksite to act as an acoustic buffer. Furthermore, checks were performed to make sure working hours respected the activities of local residents, especially at night.

Furthermore, actions were implemented to verify the suitability of the preventive measures taken. To this end, machinery used at the worksite was subject to appropriate maintenance and activities were planned insofar as to avoid the concentration of vehicles and machinery.


As a result of the measures taken, noise levels taken from all control points were reduced in successive months. In some cases, the figure returned was better than required by noise legislation.

At all FCC Construcción projects, we consider, from start to finish, possible noise emissions given the inconvenience they cause to humans (their wellbeing, health and social life) and wildlife in the surrounding area.