Riyadh Metro Project

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

In the construction of Riyadh Metro, night work is carried out for which adequate lighting is necessary, which provides safety for workers and allows them to adequately perform their tasks without compromising end quality. Diesel lighting towers were traditionally used to obtain light. In addition to the air pollution that this implies, the towers were installed near residential areas, which could distract drivers, generated noise that bothered the rest of the residents, and whose maintenance and management consumed time and resources.

Solutions adopted:

To solve this problem, an alternative innovative solution was sought to mitigate this impact, without reducing the level of illumination. To achieve these objectives, mobile solar panels were installed, which replaced the diesel lighting towers.



Owing to this action, several objectives related to sustainability were achieved: the problem of noise and distraction with adjacent communities was solved by traditional lighting systems, while minimizing the maintenance of the facilities. In addition, this case stands out for the substitution of the use of traditional greenhouse gas emitting energies for renewable clean energies, thus contributing to the fight against climate change. This case shows that adapting to sustainability trends such as the transition towards the use of renewable energies brings other benefits beyond the reduction of emissions.