Sostenibilidad-casosPracticos-Hotel de insectos en el aeropuerto de Dublín

Dublín Airport insect hotel

Description of the Environmental Measure.

Needs identified:

A possible loss of biodiversity was identified during the construction of the new runway at Dublin Airport. This loss of biodiversity is mainly identified in the insects of the area, which are responsible for the pollination of the trees and crops in the area, and pest controllers.

Solutions adopted:

An "insect hotel" made from materials available on site, with preference given to recycled materials such as pallets, bricks or pipes, was designed in such a way that it has many nooks and crannies, thus providing shelter for the insects during their hibernation period.


The reuse of pallets attracted the larvae of certain insect species, which feed on decaying wood. These pallets were placed at the base of the hotel to keep the logs moist.  Decomposing plant matter was also placed between the pallets to attract other species. In addition, the humidity conditions together with the supply of organic matter encouraged the cultivation of fungi for the decomposition of the woody material.