Soria Hospital

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

When undertaking the extension and refurbishment of Soria Hospital in Spain, the company has been able to keep the hospital open throughout the works.

Solutions adopted:

The measures implemented to avoid disrupting hospital services were divided into two stages:


  • Preliminary preparatory tasks, diverting the existing sanitation system, building a provisional car park and preparing a provisional entrance to the hospital.


  • Beginning of demolition and construction works at different stages and in different hospital blocks.

In the specific case of the demolition of the 33-metrehigh chimney of the old power station on the site of the current hospital site, it was noted that bringing it down would interfere with hospital’s activities. 


To minimise the interruptions to services, the work was done on a Saturday, outside the hospital’s hours for outpatients, and the necessary protective measures were implemented to minimise the impact on third parties.