Gurasada-Simeria Pan-European Corridor IV (Romania)

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

In the project to refurbish the Pan-European Corridor IV, crossing various parts of Romania, 11 archaeological sites were identified.

Solutions adopted:

Striving to ensure that the impact of the works would not be negative in these areas, we carried out a preventive investigation to conserve the scientific heritage and value the archaeological information and materials found. An archaeological dig was undertaken at the Vetel–Lunca–In Vie site, at the site of the new railway line.

This site contains materials from different historical periods, overlaid in various soil strata. For the excavation and data collection, which lasted two months, we worked with archaeologists from the Deva Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation. Samples of the artefacts and materials found were collected, logged and taken to the museum.



This preventive archaeological investigation prior to the beginning of the project, provides an overview of the region historical evolution over several periods, from the Bronze Age to medieval settlements.