Reuse of materials for the refurbishment of Pan-European IV Corridor in Romania

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

For the project to refurbish the Frontiera– Curtici–Simeria section of the Pan-European IV Corridor railway line, an environmental target was set to reuse at least 50% of the materials generated by processes such as excavation, demolition and the decontamination of products. The track-refurbishment works generated large quantities of cement waste from posts, either reinforced or simple cement, which is by nature difficult to reuse for other purposes.

Solutions adopted:

During the course of the project, a solution was implemented to meet the environment target set and enable the cement materials from the demolition of the railway superstructure to be reused. Platforms were developed to crush this material, and storage units were prepared for the crushed materials so that they could be reused for specific project tasks, such as tracks or technology platforms.



The total quantity reused of the cement pieces crushed during the works was 58,577 tons, all of which was used to build technology platforms and road works.