Mariña-Lucense Gas Pipeline

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

During the execution of the Mariña-Lucense Pipeline, Iberian “Common Frog” tadpoles were detected. This is a protected species, which figures in the Galician Catalogue of Endangered Species in Galicia, where it is classified as species in danger of extinction.

Solutions adopted:

In order to avoid affecting the Iberian frog specimens we developed a protection plan, taking into account the main stakeholders; in this case the local community, regional and local environmental protection services and the Client. The feasibility of alternatives to protect the Iberian frog tadpole were analysed when developing this plan. In the area affected by the stretch of Mariña-Lucense pipeline, flood areas were identified and where Iberian “Common Frog” tadpoles appeared, samples were taken. We then proceeded to conduct an inventory of species in order to then remove them from the flood area, so as to avoid being affected by the passage of machinery. Subsequently, the species were moved to protected areas with a plastic protection that acted as a barrier preventing the amphibians returning to the affected by the execution of works. Lastly, the affected land was restored to its original state is. Works managers supervised the implementation of the planned solutions, and subsequently reported the results obtained to the local community and environmental protection services.


During the period in which the environmental project was carried out, there were no signs of loss of specimens due to execution of the pipeline works, which can be considered a positive result, which clearly contributes to the protection of Iberian “Common Frog” tadpole specimens.