Megaplas Factory

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

As part of all the activities performed by FCC Construcción, we prioritise respect for the environment and people, minimising any possible adverse effects and generating opportunities to contribute to improving the environments in which we operate. At the factory owned by Megaplas, a company renowned for the production and assembly of signs, very ambitious criteria are in place to ensure that none of the products selected place the health or operators, nor the environment, at risk.

To this end, it was found that two products used (aerosols) posed a risk to the health of workers and the environment. These products were solvents and degreasers used to clean surfaces and the products used to prevent spattering during welding work.

Solutions adopted:

With a view to minimising risks, alternative products were sought that preserved the level of performance without compromising on human health and the environment. With this in mind, both of these products were replaced with alternatives with an aqueous composition, the application of which is simpler and, generally speaking, not harmful to human health. Furthermore, they are supplied in the form of a spray rather than an aerosol, meaning they contain no propellants and, therefore, represent a lower risk to the environment.


The paint department at Megaplas was responsible for testing the product for cleaning surfaces, whilst the locksmith department tested the anti-splatter material for welding. Both confirmed it was suitable in terms of performance and the quality of work.

In addition to selecting both products on account of their lower level of harmful emissions, consideration was also given to the fact that the product comes in reusable containers, as is the case of conventional sprayers.

Even though this change may only appear small, the selection of products based on environmental and social criteria, without compromising on the quality of our services, demonstrates Megaplas’ commitment to the health of its workers and the environment.