Reuse of demolition debris in breakwater layers in Cañas- Liberia, Costa Rica

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

On the works to extend Route 1 in the Cañas-Liberia section (Costa Rica), which were carried out by FCC Construcción, the possible erosion of bridge foundations was identified as a potential risk. Furthermore, it was found that demolition work on the project entailed generating large amounts of debris.

Solutions adopted:

To minimise the possible erosion and in seeing the generation of debris as an opportunity, FCC Construcción reused the resulting material from the demolition work, putting it into hidden breakwater layers.


This measure provided a comprehensive answer to both issues, while averting management of the waste generated from the demolition, which resulted in a reduction in material sent to landfill and in transport needs. In other words, this measure had a lower environmental impact, while ensuring protection of the foundations from erosion and reducing the need for materials for said breakwaters which, were it not for this measure, would have needed to have been obtained via loans.