Xagó underwater outfall

Description of social and environmental performance.

Problem detected:

In the initial design, the pipe-jacking shaft was to be located inside the Xagó Beach dune complex, which is part of the Cabo Peñas Protected Landscape.

This location posed some serious environmental disadvantages, because the jacking work (which involves intense lorry traffic along narrow roads, reduction of the available leisure space, noise pollution, negative visual impact) was expected to seriously disrupt beach use, and spillage of bentonite suspension in the event of a fault in the hydraulic circuit would pollute an area of great environmental value.

In addition, there was not enough space for the jacking facilities in the zone proposed in the approved design, and specimens of Pancratium maritimum and Crucianella maritima would have to be transplanted before work could commence.

Solutions adopted:

Aware of the high environmental value and wealth of the zone, FCC Construcción relocated the shaft outside the protected area. The newly proposed site would not disturb any sensitive areas and was large enough to accommodate the necessary facilities.


The modification was approved, and pipe-jacking work is proceeding at the new site, which has the following advantages:

  • It's not in a protected area.
  • It is not disturbing protected flora.
  • The project is not interfering with the leisure uses of the beach.
  • There is no lomger any risk of pollution due to any kind of accidental discharge.
  • There's enough space for the jacking facilities.