Siete Aguas-Buñol High-Speed Train

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

A great deal of good-quality material was being extracted from La Cabrera Tunnel. The tunnelling debris were mainly limestone, and thus could be regarded not as waste, but as a resource requiring proper management.

Solutions adopted:

Because the material on hand was suitable for re-use and concrete was on the list of the raw material acquisition needs, re-using the tunnelling debris in the company’s own plants to make concrete and prefabricated segments was a viable option. Thus the company avoided creating waste and instead incorporated the debris in the production cycle as a resource, with the resulting associated environmental and economic savings.


Reduction in the amount of inert waste created, occupation of less dump space and reduction of resource consumption at the site by using material that was originally supposed have been discarded. Installing the aggregate-crushing plants and the concrete- and segment-manufacturing plants right on the site reduced the energy cost of shipping raw materials as well.