Dual Carriageway A-4, the “Autovía del Sur” New Roadway Through Despeñaperros

Description of the Environmental Measure

Problem detected:

<p>Construction was mostly inside Despeñaperros Natural Park, which, on top of being a natural park, has also been proposed as a site of Community importance (SCI), so care had to be taken in all work involving explosives, as the noise and vibrations associated with such work could affect the breeding cycle of the local wildlife, especially the birds so very characteristic and important in this particular environment.</p>

Solutions adopted:

To reduce the effect on the more valuable species living in the area during their mating, nesting and breeding periods, brush-clearing work, earth-moving work, work with explosives and other noisy activities were done between June and November and were put on hiatus from November to May.


With the environmental conditions factored into the work schedule, the life cycle of the local birds of prey was not altered in any way.