Sostenibilidad-casosPracticos-Autovía A-33

Roadway A-33 from Murcia to Comunidad Valenciana

Description of social and environmental performance.

Needs identified:

The project consists of a section of motorway that crosses the municipalities of Yecla (Murcia) and Caudete (Albacete). This section is located an average of 30 minutes from the concrete plant, which means that the washing of the concrete tank chutes has to be carried out on site. This can lead to the spillage of concrete or water containing dissolved cement and additives, which can contaminate the soil and any aquifers in the area, causing a public health and environmental problem.

Solutions adopted:

The solution chosen consists of the construction of settling basins for the water from the washing of the tank chutes. These basins will have an adequate volume of water content for the concreting of the adjoining areas and will be protected both at the bottom and on the sides by a plastic waterproofing for these basins, thus avoiding possible filtrations. Subsequently, the concrete is chopped and separated from the plastic. The concrete will be fragmented in a crusher to be reused as inert material for conditioning the roads on the site. The plastic will be deposited in a container for subsequent processing by the authorised waste manager.


Various ponds have been constructed in several areas on the site where concrete structures are being built.