SOSTEVAL_TEC: Research and development of an integral system for the improvement and assessment of sustainability among the different Civil Works phases


SOSTEVAL-TEC main goal is the research and development of a series of solutions for the sustainability assessment in project management within the construction sector, as well as the review of elements that deviate from the set targets for immediate correction. For this purpose, it is proposed to automate and digitise the assessment process in order to make more effective decisions and optimise project sustainability, through the research and development of three products:

  • Innovative methodology to assess sustainability along the civil construction value chain and improve decision making for its achievements,

  • Advanced digital platform that integrates the methodology and a range of advanced technologies based on data capture, digital twins, advanced data analytics and traceability and digital identity. This will improve the accuracy, efficiency and comparability of results, generating proposals for the improvement of sustainability in the sector.

  • Certification system by external agents thanks to a tool that automates the collection of data and its comparison with the standards and evaluation protocols for certification, incorporates innovative digital solutions and technologies to validate the information, and preserves the confidentiality of sensitive data within a supply chain.

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