ESPADIN (ESPAcio de Datos de la INdustria) is a multi-sector and multidisciplinary R&D Consortium with effective collaboration, formed by technology companies, Industrial companies, including FCC Industrial and 3 relevant foundations or research centers that are a reference in Spain. This consortium is led by the company Capgemini.

The main objective of the ESPADIN project is to carry out research into various technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge aimed at developing technological solutions to provide a response from the technology axis to the interoperability, governance and security/reliability of data spaces, researching technology for use in the industrial sector, contributing to the development of Industry 4. 0 in secure, sustainable and connected environments, and benefiting the sector through more efficient operations, maximizing the availability of the operations network, helping to react to adverse or unforeseen situations, and improving companies' access to supply chains and smart manufacturing processes. 

In turn, ESPADIN will work in the context of data reliability and data-driven services by addressing specific use cases. The aim is to create cryptographic execution mechanisms that allow data providers to ensure the security and control over their data, as well as the imposition of data exploitation policies in accordance with the will of the data originator, known as data sovereignty, while guaranteeing the cybersecurity of the new connected industrial environments. In addition, technological mechanisms will be created to guarantee the integrity and provenance of data, thus increasing its reliability by the parties exploiting such data, as well as security mechanisms to protect the intellectual property of AI algorithms used by service providers on participants' confidential data, in order to enable new services based on data exchange and their exploitation. 




Use cases