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The Mersey Gateway, winner of the prestigious RICS North West Awards


The Mersey Gateway, winner of the prestigious RICS North West Awards

The work Mersey Gateway has won in the categories "Infrastructure" and "Overall Project of the Year" of the prestigious RICS North West awards. Thanks to the achievement of these awards, the Mersey Gateway will be able to compete with other winners to obtain the Project of the Year Award from the United Kingdom.

Last January, the work of FCC Construccion, Mersey Gateway, was the protagonist of the prestigious magazine New Civil Engineer. In the main article of the magazine, a description was made of the new bridge as well as the main objective of this great civil work, recognized by KPMG among the 100 most important infrastructure projects in the world.

The bridge has a total length of 2,248 meters, with a central section of approximately 1 kilometer and two viaducts. It has 4 bays supported by three pylons in the Mersey estuary. This unique work has a unique design. The central pylon reaches 80 m in height and is lower than the other two pylons, with 110 meters on the north side and 125 m on the south side, 1,296 km of cables connected with these piles to the bridge deck have been used. The new road network includes a total of 12 bridges and 7 new links, with 127,425 m3 of concrete used in the work. The work has been carried out with the highest environmental standards, the design of the bridge has followed the premise of minimal impact on the environment, 1,423,225 tons of materials have been recovered and reused in construction.

Throughout the process of construction, operation and maintenance of the new bridge, approximately 4,600 people have been employed, both directly and indirectly. The project will benefit not only the area of the Liverpool region, with a population of more than 1.6 million inhabitants, but also the northwest area of England.

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