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FCC Construcción, pioneer in obtaining the ISO 44001 certificate by AENOR of collaborative relations


FCC Construcción, pioneer in obtaining the ISO 44001 certificate by AENOR of collaborative relations

FCC Construcción, pioneer in obtaining the ISO 44001 certificate by AENOR of collaborative relations

FCC Construcción has become the first Spanish company to obtain the AENOR certificate in accordance with the ISO 44001 standard, which highlights the implementation of the Collaborative Work Relations Management System (SGRTC), which is applied to strategic relationships of high impact on the performance of the organization with customers, suppliers, internal collaborators, external and partners, identified and managed within the program of collaborative relationships.

For FCC Construcción the establishment of collaborative working relationships through the ISO 44001 management model is another step in its strategy of innovation, openness and willingness to cooperate and commitment to society. It also supposes a new manifestation of leadership and positions the company again as a pioneer in the sector. This certification allows FCC Construcción to consolidate and maximize the future relations of the company with its stakeholders, granting and enhancing the value of collaborative work.

The ISO 44001 certification verifies the implementation of an efficient and intelligent management system of collaborative work relationships that implies, among other benefits, the increase of business opportunities, the control in the transfer of knowledge of the parties, the capacity to consolidate relationships with suppliers, customers and partners based on a win-win philosophy, optimizing costs and creating value, as well as the ability to strengthen competitiveness to access international markets.

AENOR has recognized the Collaborative Work Relations Management System (SGRTC), which has been designed based on the company's vision, based on a collaborative culture, generating benefits for the parties involved to create systems and collaborative relationships.

FCC Construction and society

The company is part of the communities in which it operates through the promotion of social projects aimed at reducing aspects such as inequality, poverty or the risk of social exclusion. It is a way to respond to the needs of the communities in which it is present. Develops programs for the promotion of social development, culture, sports or healthcare.

In addition, it understands that the SDGs are a new solidary and responsible approach from which companies can and should contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world. Through its activity, it contributes directly to achieve more sustainable cities and communities (SDG11); we work for innovation in industry and infrastructure (ODS9); and commitment to decent work and economic growth (SDG8) and, from responsible management, contribute to the SDGs related to clean water and sanitation (SDG6); and to climate action (SDG13); or to the reduction of inequalities (SDG10).

About FCC Construcción

FCC Construcción is a world leader in its sector, with an accumulated experience of more than 115 years of history. Its activities cover all areas of engineering and construction, and is a reference in the execution of civil works (roads, railways, airports, hydraulic works, maritime, tunnels, bridges) and residential and non-residential buildings such as hospitals, football stadiums, museums, offices.

It has a set of companies dedicated to the industrial sector, energy and other activities related to the construction sector.

The company has built more than 700 kilometers of tunnels, 8,500 kilometers of roads and highways, 1,650 bridges, 2,600 kilometers of railways, of which 900 kilometers are high speed and 326 kilometers of subway, 48 dams, 4,500,000 square meters of airport runways, 2,300,000 square meters of airport terminals, 3,000 kilometers of gas pipelines and pipelines, 76 kilometers of docks, 10,500 kilometers of water pipes, 98 treatment plants.


AENOR is a professional services entity that identifies and helps correct gaps in the competitiveness of companies, sectors and the economic fabric through the generation of trust. AENOR is the leading entity in certification in Spain.

AENOR is a global entity, which already develops operations in 90 countries in the activities of certification, verification, validation, inspection, analysis, training and information services. Currently, more than 80,000 work centers have some of the AENOR certificates in fields such as Quality Management, Sustainability, Safety and Health at Work, Digitalization or Compliance.

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