Management system

In line with the growth of the international business of the construction area of the FCC Group, Safety and Health has increased its activity, implementing the local regulations of the country in which we operate.

The Management System under OHSAS 18001 standard has been implemented in the countries where the company has a presence. At the national level, the Health and Safety Management System is perfectly implemented under the OHSAS 18001 Certification in the construction area.

This Management System is born from the FCC Construccion Policy, and from the fulfillment of the legal requirements at national and international level, and in any case with the most demanding international standards.

The System is based on a prevention management procedure, which is the basic tool for continuous improvement. It involves all the hierarchical levels of the company, the guidelines are marked to carry out the management, the monitoring and control mechanisms are established and the guidelines for correction and improvement are given, allowing the participation of the workers.

To guide the company throughout this process, there is a staff organization of the Prevention Service, distributed in all the organizational units, from the central services to the work centers / works. In this way, a high level of monitoring and control is achieved, as well as the flow of information for a more efficient system development.